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Services Catalog

Services Catalog

Algebra I Instruction

Algebra I is frequently a stumbling block for students who struggle because of an identified learning disability, limited English proficiency… Read More >>

Capacity Building for Leaders

This series of six sessions is designed to develop and extend the skills of district level and sub-district level leadership… Read More >>

Closing the Achievement Gap

This session addresses the timely topic of the challenge of closing the achievement gap for struggling students. This session outlines… Read More >>

Collaborative Coaching

This one-day applied level training for building collaborative teaching skills, moving partners beyond the one teach/one assist model of co-teaching… Read More >>

Collaborative Teaching

Co-Teaching and other in-class support options are becoming increasingly popular in this era of inclusive education. When implemented correctly, collaborative… Read More >>

Culturally Responsive Instruction

Each student’s culture significantly influences his or her learning; each teacher’s culture significantly influences his or her teaching practice. With this understanding… Read More >>

Differentiated Instruction

The vision and mission for many school districts typically reflects a strong focus on high expectations for all students, excellence… Read More >>

Doing More With Less

As the Great Education Depression continues and school budgets get even tighter, the need for continued focus on ‘Doing More… Read More >>

Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Training

In this session, participants will explore the most current research on dyslexia and learn how to support dyslexic students during… Read More >>

English Language Learners

In the United States, the number of school-age children (ages 5–17) who speak a language other than English at home… Read More >>

Executive Functioning Skills

At the heart of executive functioning disorders, there are deficits in theory of mind (ToM) which create the breakdowns in… Read More >>

Instructional Coaching

This session addresses one of the most important changes in role and focus in education today, the emergence of the… Read More >>

Modifying Grade Level Curriculum

This presentation will provide information and guidance in modifying curriculum and activities for students with disabilities within the general education… Read More >>

Paraeducator Training

There are approximately 700,000 paraeducators working in the nation’s public schools and additional thousands working in private schools today. These… Read More >>

Positive Behavior Supports Seminars

Based on research that supports how the brain responds to these elements, especially when a student is in crisis, as… Read More >>

Redefining Specialized Support

This training session will help participants to understand what specialized support is and to answer the question, "What's so special… Read More >>

Response to Intervention

Let Stetson and Associates, Inc. support you and your district’s efforts in establishing, implementing and monitoring the success of RtI… Read More >>

Responsible Scheduling

One of the most challenging aspects of addressing the needs of students with disabilities is the scheduling of these services… Read More >>

SEEK Training

Whether in a self-contained setting or in a general education setting, there are evidence-based critical components that work to support… Read More >>

Setting Up a LIFE Skills Program

Sometimes a self-contained program may be a setting that is the least restrictive environment for a student who is severely… Read More >>

Special Education Program Evaluation

Providing services that are of utmost quality for students with disabilities and other special populations is a desired yet challenging… Read More >>

Step by Step for Inclusive Schools

Collaborative teaching is often mistaken as the only response to inclusive education. It is important to have a clear understanding… Read More >>

Success for Struggling Students

This session was designed for teachers who support struggling students in general and special education classrooms. This training addresses three… Read More >>

Success for Students with ASD

During this three to five day training, practical strategies are provided for students with an ASD in the general education… Read More >>

TA for Central Office Staff

With a district’s desire for continuous improvement and greater student outcomes, inclusive education is critical to student and school success. … Read More >>

Targeted LIFE Skills Training

The primary focus of this two day training is building teacher and/or paraeducator knowledge of best practices in working with… Read More >>

Technical Assistance

With a district’s desire for continuous improvement and greater student outcomes, inclusive education is critical to student and school success. … Read More >>

The Leadership Practices Profile

This session is designed for school administrators to support their role in providing leadership in the implementation of the least… Read More >>

Universal Math Screeners

These easy to use screeners assess students’ understanding and ability to use skills and concepts critical to success in mathematics… Read More >>

Writing Standards-Based IEPs

A standards-based Individualized Education Program (IEP) is a document that addresses how a student’s disability impacts his or her ability… Read More >>