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Algebraic Reasoning

Algebraic Reasoning




This course is designed to build content knowledge of special education teachers providing instructional services to students in the areas of Algebra and Algebraic Reasoning. It may also be used as a review for general education mathematics teachers or paraeducators who may be supporting struggling students in the general education classroom.
This course will sharpen your algebraic reasoning and skills to work with and communicate your algebraic thoughts to others. There are four components to the course.


Component 1: Linear Algebra. This component will sharpen your thinking about topics in linear algebra. You will work with the different ways data can be represented to show patterns.
Component 2: Rules of Algebra. This component will provide a review and practice in the “rules of algebra” that allow mathematicians (that’s you!) to communicate in an international language. You will remember how to use the order of operations to solve linear equations.
Component 3: Using Technology. Component 3 extends the foundations of Component 1 by using more formal algebraic vocabulary topics such as slopes and intercepts. Graphing calculator technology will also be used as a tool to deepen your understanding of algebra.
Component 4: Patterns of Change. This final component explores the need to go beyond linear change by discussing equations that describe rapid or exponential growth and decay. Here, you will solve problems common in the world of finance and planning.



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