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ASCD’s Conference on Excellence through Equity

Five Principles of Courageous Leadership to Guide Achievement for Every Student
Orlando, Florida  October 2016

What a great conference! Frances Stetson and Melinda Barnett from Stetson & Associates, Inc. attended a two day conference featuring Drs. Alan M. Blankstein and Pedro Noguera discussing the major concepts and strategies from their book that served as the meeting title.  Here we are with Dr. Noguera on Day One.  The two days were very thought provoking and so compatible with our own work on Developing Culturally Responsive Educators and on Eliminating Disproportionality!  Our experience was so enriched by the new people we met from the national, state, regional and local levels.  We had courageous conversations and left the conference feeling very proud of the work of our clients in this challenging area — but with renewed commitment to continue the journey!!!
Dr. Stetson will provide both a Keynote session and a 90 minute breakout session for the in March 2017.  The conference is sponsored by the Delaware State Department of Education and the University of Delaware, College of Education and Human Development.