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Austin ISD Statement of Services

AISD has utilized Stetson and Associates for the past 3 years as the key support in developing, implementing and supporting a district wide inclusion model.  As a result, more students are served on their home campuses, LRE is more meaningful for students, teachers understand the systems for inclusion and there is increased consistency in our inclusion delivery model.

The team at Stetson and Associates has been extremely professional, collaborative, and flexible.  They have readily adapted professional development and technical support to meet our individualized district and campus needs.   It is clear that Stetson and Associates are student centered, research based and customer oriented.

As a result of AISD’s partnership with Stetson and Associates, students are increasingly successful and teachers are more empowered.  I would highly recommend Stetson and Associates for any district wanting to make a powerful, positive difference in the lives of student with disabilities and the staff who support them.


Janna Lilly, Director Special Education, Austin ISD