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Audience-District Admin

Redefining Specialized Support

This training session will help participants to understand what specialized support is and to answer the question, “What’s so special… Read More >>

Modifying Grade Level Curriculum

Promoting Access in General Education Settings This presentation will provide information and guidance in modifying curriculum and activities for students… Read More >>

Closing the Achievement Gap

This session addresses the timely topic of the challenge of closing the achievement gap for struggling students. This session outlines… Read More >>

Instructional Coaching

Professional Development This session addresses one of the most important changes in role and focus in education today, the emergence… Read More >>

Culturally Responsive Instruction

Each student’s culture significantly influences his or her learning; each teacher’s culture significantly influences his or her teaching practice. With this understanding… Read More >>

Doing More With Less

As the Great Education Depression continues and school budgets get even tighter, the need for continued focus on ‘Doing More… Read More >>

Responsible Scheduling

One of the most challenging aspects of addressing the needs of students with disabilities is the scheduling of these services… Read More >>

Response to Intervention

Let Stetson and Associates, Inc. support you and your district’s efforts in establishing, implementing and monitoring the success of RtI… Read More >>

Setting Up a LIFE Skills Program

Using Systems and Practical Strategies that Work to Maximize Learning for Students with Severe Cognitive/Developmental Disorders, Including Autism, Cerebral Palsy… Read More >>

Step by Step for Inclusive Schools

Step by Step for Inclusive Schools is a systems-wide model for improving the quality and amount of time students spend… Read More >>