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Audience-Sped Leaders

Resilience Training

As our nation’s schools reopen, two populations, teachers and students, once again come together striving to create safe and productive… Read more

Inclusion of Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities

Turning Challenges to Opportunities! This workshop will address several areas that frequently challenge educators in providing appropriate opportunities and experiences… Read more

Addressing Specialized Services for Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities

A “Best Practice” Approach This workshop will focus on the Quality Indicators for Specialized Supports for students whose needs cannot… Read more

Mastering Executive Functioning

Supporting Student Success This workshop is designed to assist educational practitioners in supporting the mental processing that is required and… Read more

Functional Skill Development

Life Skills for Lifelong Learning The goal of this training is to support educators in promoting and providing explicit support… Read more

Integrating Assistive Technology to Promote Access and Progress in the General Curriculum and Other Aspects of the School Environment

This interactive workshop will support the efforts of educators in identifying, selecting, and implementing appropriate technology that will enable meaningful… Read more

Redefining Specialized Support

This training session will help participants to understand what specialized support is and to answer the question, “What’s so special… Read more

Promoting Access in General Education Settings

Ninety percent (90%) of students with a disability have the cognitive ability to meet the same standards and graduate using… Read more

Closing the Achievement Gap

This session addresses the timely topic of the challenge of closing the achievement gap for struggling students. This session outlines… Read more

Instructional Coaching

Professional Development This session addresses one of the most important changes in role and focus in education today, the emergence… Read more