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Behavior Strategies for Distance Learning

Classroom management during in-person instruction is challenging; with distance learning, the management of student online behavior and emotions is even tougher.  Certainly, there are school rules and disciplinary procedures that must be followed; more than that, what we consider “classroom management” is actually a carefully choreographed dance, in which the teacher builds relationships with students… Read more

Differentiating Instruction Ideas for Electives Teachers

Recent work with secondary electives teachers on the topic of Differentiated Instruction revealed high interest in this area, as well as a desire for information specific to their discipline. After researching sources on differentiating instruction in various electives areas, a list of well-written articles with clear explanations and innovative ideas was compiled for teachers. After… Read more

Returning to School: Flattening the Curve of COVID-19 Trauma

As students reenter school after the trauma of the Coronavirus Pandemic, they bring with them anxiety, anger, irritability, and the fear of the unknown. They no longer trust previously known routines and procedures and are unsure about past relationships or social and academic expectations. As their teacher, it is your responsibility to reassure them about… Read more

Options for Continuing Professional Development Remotely

All of us at Stetson & Associates are committed to the safety and well-being of students and staff as we support our communities across the country in their ongoing efforts to contain the Coronavirus. Although recent orders and advisories from federal, state and local government authorities make our on-site training and technical assistance unavailable at… Read more

CASE/NASDSE Conference in Milwaukee

Drs. Frances Stetson and Melinda Barnett, Stetson and Associates, Inc, attended the CASE/NASDSE Conference in Milwaukee on September 25-27, 2016. The central themes of this conference were a revitalized look at Multitiered Systems of Supports for struggling students, an emphasis on Positive Behavioral Supports and their critical role in MTSS and components for Successful Online… Read more

Active Learning: How Do We Make It Happen?

Student Response Systems From the desk of Tim LaCourt, M.A. Introduction To make “active learning” more than a vague buzz word, consider using a Student Response System.  These are techniques and strategies proven to be effective at increasing the number of times students respond in class; the number of times they engage successfully with the work. … Read more

WEBINAR: 5 Easy Ways to Fail in Education

The Imperative for Reinvention in Special Education Join Dr. Frances Stetson as she discusses the five easiest ways to fail in education in this webinar hosted by PresenceLearning. She will focus on how to avoid the following problems that so often arise in Special Education today. 1. Lose the Vision 2. Admire the Problem 3. Avoid… Read more

We’re Reading…Models of Professional Development

From the desk of Judith Moening What we are Reading Inclusive programming for students with disabilities is still a change for many school systems.  We know that creating change in an educational system requires training, follow-up and ongoing support.  Why?  Because it is too easy to continue doing what we have been doing and implementing… Read more

Powerful Lessons from the Field

From the desk of Cindy Nelson, M.Ed. After 44 years of teaching and working with others as they teach, I am totally convinced that the #1 most powerful strategy to impact success is the teacher’s ability to pull students into small group instruction. This one intervention builds relationships that calm behavior issues, differentiates instruction to… Read more

Making Connections

From the desk of Kristi Henderson, M.Ed. Connecting with challenging students that were often reprimanded by teachers or school officials has always come naturally to me.  Their tough exterior, a defense mechanism, made me want to get to know the child behind the façade and discover why they were acting out. Once I decided to… Read more

Intelligence…Are you Born with It?

From the desk of Cathy Giardina Intelligence—Is it fixed or can it be grown??? Does anyone remember being graded according to the “Bell Curve”?  I have vivid memories of my first class in undergraduate school and my English professor clearly explaining that everyone would be graded on the curve.  The top 10% of the class… Read more

We’re Reading…Giving 2.0: Transform Your Giving and Our World

From the desk of Dieu-Anh Nguyen   What we are Reading As June approaches, I look forward to a less hectic work schedule and a little summertime fun.  I picked up Giving 2.0:  Transform Your Giving and Our World by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen (http://laaf.org) for two reasons- 1.  I need some advice about how I might better… Read more

We are Reading…Total Participation Techniques

From the desk of Tim LaCourt   (2011) Written By:  Drs. Persida Himmele and William Himmele.1 In classrooms across this country, students with disabilities and those who struggle for a variety of reasons are often the students who are still the least engaged.  A large national study funded by the US Department of Education2 showed… Read more

Teach Like It’s Friday Night

From the desk of John Walsh What if your students had to perform every Friday night in a stadium of cheering fans?  If you observe them preparing for that performance during the week, you will notice two key ingredients also found in a quality curricular lesson. The athletic skills utilized during practices are the number… Read more

Effective Co-Teaching Partnerships

From the desk of Barbara Proctor Frequently when I am working with teachers who are considering co-teaching or have been assigned to co-teach I am asked, “What does effective co-teaching look like and how do the teachers create effective partnerships?” Part of my job involves working with teachers providing technical assistance and support, providing staff… Read more

Frequently Asked Questions about Culturally Responsive Instruction

Why is it important to address student diversity? Today’s students are increasingly more diverse in their cultures, languages, abilities, interests and learning styles. As educators we are held accountable to ensure that all learners achieve at least minimum state standards. Thus we must create classroom environments where student differences are supported and celebrated so that… Read more

Paraeducator Institute

This interactive, engaging one-day institute for paraeducators was designed at the request of paraeducators and administrators to address the paraeducator’s ever-changing role in schools. Each participant will have the opportunity to attend four 90-minute breakout sessions and a 3-hour overview on Responding to Challenging Behavior. Sessions may be assigned based on the services provided by… Read more

A Missing Link

In my career as a special education teacher, curriculum supervisor, and then principal, Inclusion was a priority focus; however, there always seemed to be a missing link in the process of including students with disabilities—especially more severe conditions—into the general population of students. I had an early spring meeting with a fellow principal whose elementary… Read more

Stetson Online Infographic

Everything you need to know about Stetson Online is summarized in this infographic! See what our courses have to offer, how to get started implementing them and there is even a guest login for you to check out the courses for yourself… Read more

Instructional Leadership

From the desk of Kristi Henderson As a former school administrator, the words I heard most to describe my job function was “instructional leader.” This phrase was number one on the job description, used throughout the interview, and the focus of many training topics I attended, yet, if the truth be told, most of what… Read more

Developing and Nurturing a Positive Culture and Climate in your School

From the Desk of Kristi Henderson As a consultant I have had the opportunity to visit schools all across the nation.  What strikes me most is how positive and student-centered the campuses I visit are. Teachers are in the hallways not only supervising students, but are creating a more welcoming experience by talking and sharing… Read more

Key to Effective Instruction

Inclusion Resources

From the desk of John Walsh If you agree that classroom walk-throughs should provide you with the necessary data to help you assist your teachers in improving their classroom practices but you find yourself short on data, here are some tools to help. You should observe these key activities on a daily basis in your… Read more

Time for Success

From the desk of John Walsh As a consultant, everywhere I travel I find administrators in search of the “Silver Bullet.” What unique master schedule will maximize instructional time in order to make the biggest difference? Various changes in schedules are probably the most common solutions attempted. With many assortments of time manipulations from forty-five… Read more

Teaching Strategies up your Alley

From the Desk of Lynn Hill While bowling with my senior bowling team today, I observed a husband and wife team that epitomized the importance of good teaching strategies. As the wife stepped up to bowl, the husband patiently observed her stance and delivery of the ball. He then modeled for her a couple of… Read more

Winning Leadership

From the Desk of Stephanie Clark I recently had the opportunity to work with a central office staff in a large school district.  They had lots of questions and concerns about how they could influence campuses when they do not have direct supervisory authority over the teachers or principals.   I can remember working in that… Read more

The Skinny on Leadership

From the desk of Stephanie Clark I recently read Motion Leadership: The Skinny on Becoming Change Savvy by Michael Fullan.  Communication without action is almost meaningless is one of the key concepts discussed in Fullan’s book.  This really stopped me in my tracks and started me thinking about how many times as school leaders we… Read more

What We’re Reading (My Stacks)

From the Desk of Toni Riester-Wood Just in time for Holiday Shopping! While I love to get lost in the drama of an intricate and finely written crime novel, nothing invigorates me more than researching a professional question. My daughter thinks that I need to get a life, but what I’ve come to realize is… Read more

A Differentiated World

From the desk of Dieu-Anh Nguyen As a consultant, I spend a lot of time at airports.  Often, I am just sitting around waiting for a flight.  Don’t misunderstand, I am not complaining.  Sitting around waiting for a delayed flight or just waiting for the only flight available (or suffering through any other inconveniences of… Read more

Survival Guide to Teaching the 21st Century Learner (Part 2)

From the desk of Alicia Swedberg Now that you’ve had time to let the technology soak in, here are a few more tips that will save your sanity! It is an interactive Web 2.0 World, so pack light. Gone are the days of keeping up with the latest software installation discs. Software of today lives… Read more

Survival Guide to Teaching the 21st Century Learner (Part 1)

From the desk of Alicia Swedberg Long past are the days where teachers lecture from the chalkboard. The clumsy unforgiving tools of overhead projector transparencies and rote worksheets have been replaced by more intelligent, interactive devices and applications that previous generations never imagined. At their fingertips, teachers have access to multiple classroom computers, web cams… Read more

Back to School: The Sequel!

From the desk of Cathy Giardina My Homework—”The dog ate it!” As a teacher, I have heard many answers to the question, “Where is your homework?” In fact, I have often thought it would be a great title for a children’s book.  As a parent, I think more arguments probably occur in households regarding homework… Read more

Back to School: Is it Really That “EASY”?

From the desk of Cathy Giardina Although the familiar Staples commercial, may suggest “back to school” and “easy” in the same sentence, is it really that easy?Already those unsullied backpacks are crammed with papers and unidentifiable objects and many of those brand new supplies are nowhere to be found. How quickly the excitement of the… Read more

Teaching Strategies: Getting to the Point

From the Desk of Lynn Hill   Good teaching cannot be reduced to techniques; good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher. ~Parker J Palmer, The Courage to Teach Teachers Do Make a Difference Observing the bowling coach and his wife, I couldn’t help but think about another skill that effective teachers… Read more