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Stetson and Associates Client Spotlights

Client Spotlight

Caesar Rodney School District

Virtual Coaching Model is Supporting Success for Caesar Rodney Middle Schools

At the beginning of the 2019-20 school year, as campuses enjoyed a “normal” back-to-school, three middle schools in Caesar Rodney… Read more

Connecticut State Dept of Education

Virtual Learning Model to Support Statewide Change in Inclusive Practices

We are all experiencing the inevitable changes this worldwide pandemic is requiring of everyone and, perhaps, especially of educators.  For… Read more

Carolina Springs Elementary

Carolina Springs Elementary Excels at Inclusion

Carolina Springs Elementary School in Lexington School District One (South Carolina) has implemented the Step by Step for Inclusive Schools… Read more

Beaufort County School Builds Inclusive Community

After visiting with the principal and some of the faculty at Pritchardville Elementary I wanted to highlight their work.  They… Read more

Washoe County School District

Washoe County School District Excels in Inclusive Practices

Washoe County School District is making a difference for its 65,000 students by approaching inclusive practices systematically through ongoing training… Read more

Linton Elementary in Northside ISD

Linton Elementary located on the east side of the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas is a “Champion… Read more

Meadowbrook Elementary

Meadowbrook Elementary Inclusive Practices in PPCD and Pre-K

“Inclusion is a priority.  We need to give all students opportunities to be with same age peers. Inclusion ‘pays it forward,’ builds… Read more

Stafford Municipal School District

Literacy and Content Instruction in Secondary Classrooms in Stafford Municipal School District

Stafford Municipal School District, just outside the Houston metroplex, is using a staff development plan that is producing positive and… Read more

Pewitt Consolidated School District

Differentiated Professional Development to Promote Differentiated Instruction

“Our students will be given the best of educational opportunities in order to ensure they will be ready and productive… Read more

Clear Creek ISD

Instructional Coaching in Clear Creek ISD

Spotlight Activity Instructional Coaching Series Component of Comprehensive Approach to Build Effective Inclusive Practices District Clear Creek ISD, TX Description… Read more

South Houston High School

Collaborative Teaching in Action

Spotlight Activity Collaborative Teaching District South Houston High School, Pasadena ISD, Texas Description After working with one of Stetson &… Read more

OD Wyatt High School

Collaborative Coaching to Enhance Teaching Partnerships

Spotlight Activity Collaborative Coaching District O.D. Wyatt High School in Fort Worth, Texas Description At the request of Fort Worth… Read more

North East ISD

Supplemental Aids and Services

Spotlight Activity Supplemental Aids and Services District North East ISD, San Antonio, Texas Description This district has had great success… Read more

Garcia Middle School

Project Based Instruction

Spotlight Activity Project Based Instruction District Garcia Middle School, Austin Independent School District Description This middle school has one class… Read more

Stetson and Associates

Culturally Responsive Classroom Practices

Spotlight Activity Culturally Responsive Classroom Practices Description CRE practices are those activities that demonstrate the acceptance, tolerance and value of… Read more

Washoe County School District

Structured Campus Assistance for Inclusive Education Practices

Spotlight Activity Structured Campus Assistance for Inclusive Education Practices District Washoe County School District Description This urban district located in… Read more


Area Special Education Directors Meet for a Symposium

The members of the San Antonio Area Special Education Directors’ Conference (SAASD) group meets each year at the close of… Read more