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Instructional Coaching

Professional Development

coachingThis session addresses one of the most important changes in role and focus in education today, the emergence of the instructional coach.  While the importance of coaching is obvious, many individuals selected to serve in the role of instructional coach are known as experienced and successful teachers, yet receive very little additional training in the competencies specific to successful coaching.  Four goals of the training are to:

  • Define the role of the instructional coach and place it in the context of professional learning and school improvement
  • Build an understanding of the components of the coaching cycle and the skills an effective instructional coach must possess
  • Offer resources, tools, and topics for dialogue for each component of the cycle
  • Provide opportunities to apply coaching skills and respond to the challenges of coaching through simulations and case studies

Coaching Series

The Instructional Coaching Series is one component of a comprehensive approach to build capacity at every level of the school district in relation to effective instruction and inclusive practices.  It is recommended that a small cohort consisting of district administrators and lead teachers attend this training.

The goal of this series is to build instructional coaching expertise in order to increase the effectiveness of teachers and para-educators who design and deliver lessons that meet the learning needs of all students.

Each of the 4 sessions (spanning over several weeks) is designed to:

  • Build a common vocabulary regarding instructional coaching
  • Define and offer practice in the process skills necessary for effective instructional coaching
  • Expand knowledge of research-based instructional planning and strategies known to increase the success of diverse learners

Day 1
  • Define roles
  • Explore attitudes and skills
  • Review the critical principles of coaching
  • Receive tools to help structure your work as a coach

Day 2
  • Explain the elements of effective lesson design and how skillful coaches assist teachers as they plan instruction that brings standards-based content into the reach of all students
  • Describe the effective use of instructional accommodations and curricular modifications that encourage mastery of rigorous instruction
  • Provide examples of assessment that is differentiated to provide authentic feedback to inform instruction and to assess mastery

Days 3-4
  • Apply content from days 1 and 2 in work with teachers from case studies, simulations, and/or on-going classroom instruction