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Culturally Responsive Instruction

teal_badgeEach student’s culture significantly influences his or her learning; each teacher’s culture significantly influences his or her teaching practice. With this understanding, every educator recognizes that it is imperative to become culturally competent and to effectively use culturally responsive instructional strategies in the classroom. In this session, participants delve deeply into their own perceptions of cultural competency, learn specific ways to build authentic relationships with every student, and create classrooms that encourage the gifts and contributions culturally diverse students bring to the classroom. If schools are to close the large and persistent achievement gap, the skills gained through this session are essential!

Learner Objectives

  • Gain information and participate in reflections to increase self knowledge about culturally responsive instruction and its impact on student learning
  • Recognize how effort-based beliefs impact teacher expectations and student success
  • Share strategies for communicating high expectations and building authentic relationships with students and families
  • Positive behavioral support strategies