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Differentiated Instruction 2

Differentiating Instruction

SUBJECT AREA: Differentiating Instruction



As a teacher, recognizing and responding to the diverse characteristics of your students is the foundation for making good instructional decisions. This course will expand your knowledge of differentiated instruction practices by focusing on differentiated assessment and classroom management.

During this course you will:

Practice strategies to assess learning before, during and after your lessons to adjust instruction and ensure success for all of your learners, and
Explore decisions regarding physical arrangement, behavioral considerations, and student self-management to create an effective learning environment.
This course is an ideal continuation of the original Stetson Online Differentiated Instruction course.


Component 1: Differentiated Assessment
Component 2: Managing a Differentiated Classroom

Course Objectives:

1. Three types of assessment that are important to the instructional process and our commitment to offering relevant and meaningful instruction to each student;2. The necessity of aligning what is assessed with what is taught;

3. Formal and informal strategies for pre-assessment, formative and summative assessment;

4. Strategies for differentiating assessment through options for different products and for different versions of the same assessment or test of knowledge;

5. The importance of empowering students to enhance their own approach to and results from assessments of their learning;

6. The three components of classroom design that support differentiation, student engagement, and the use of learning time;

7. Basics of classroom structures that enable teachers and students to benefit from instruction that is more activity-based and option-rich;

8. Strategies for promoting student self-responsibility for learning;

9. A framework for self-assessing your own practice of differentiating instruction that offers a means for identifying your strengths and successes and pinpointing areas for continued growth and improvement; and

10. Resources for communicating the benefits of differentiated instruction to your students and their parents.



Differentiated Instruction

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