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Differentiated Instruction

Strategies that Work!

The vision and mission for many school districts typically reflects a strong focus on high expectations for all students, excellence in teaching and learning, respect for the individual, resources to support students, and a community of shared ownership. These five values demonstrate a direct relationship with the tenets of differentiated instruction. Differentiated instructional philosophy and practices are designed to support the academic success of all students by ensuring that each student is viewed as an important individual with unique learning characteristics that are best addressed through highly effective, research-based instructional strategies. These strategies will support a district’s instructional focus.

We have prepared this training to ensure that teachers and administrators receive practical, classroom-friendly resources to support their efforts toward quality instruction for all students. These materials should act as a companion to a district’s curriculum framework. Our goal is to provide resources to guide teachers in applying highly-effective, differentiated instructional strategies that extend the opportunities for all students to be successful within the context of the district’s curriculum.

Technology integration is also a focus in our Differentiated Instruction training. This portion can be customized to fit your districts’ needs and include a variety of free Web 2.0 Tools for students to create products to display their understanding of a concept. Web 2.0 tools will a number of free/low cost websites appropriate for multiple content areas and grade levels. If your district already has G Suite for Education in place, ideas of how to utilize them to improve collaboration can be included as well.

Although various experts of differentiated instruction describe this practice in different ways, we propose a four-component model of differentiated instruction. This model is synthesized using the Instructional Design Tool (IDT)… a Stetson trademark for Differentiated Instruction!


Learner Outcomes

This training is designed for general education teachers, special education teachers, paraeducators, instructional specialists, related services providers, and campus and/or district administrators.

Each participant will learn:
  • Experience a differentiated classroom using multi-level instructional strategies and a planning model for all students within a single framework.
  • Effectively respond to diverse student learning characteristics using pre-assessment, grouping, and assessment strategies.
  • Develop practical strategies for differentiating instructional content, process and product.
  • Create a classroom structure and roles that support effective differentiated instruction.


The Instructional Design Tool



Recommended Training Sequence

Sample Slides


Training Packages

You may wish to select from one of the packaged trainings below, or contact us for a customized proposal based on your goals and district size.




platinum ribbon

Pre-Service Differentiated Instruction Teacher Self-Assessment Survey with Results
Classroom observations to observe current instructional practices at 4 schools with a bulleted list of recommendations
Two-day differentiated instruction training for 60 participants
Training manuals for 60 participants
5 Days On-Site Technical Assistance
200 licenses for online professional development to support implementation
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Classroom observations to observe current instructional practices at 4 schools with a bulleted list of recommendations
Two-day training for 60 participants
5 Days On-Site Technical Assistance
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Two-day differentiated instruction training for 60 participants $7,200.00*

*Cost includes consulting fees only. Travel expenses will be billed separately.

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