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Doing More With Less

As the Great Education Depression continues and school budgets get even tighter, the need for continued focus on ‘Doing More With Less’ is even more important. Stetson & Associates, Inc. is responding to requests for a very personalized examination of your staffing and other resource allocations, specific strategies for reducing costs and increasing effectiveness of services and supports for students.

  • Want an objective review of your current budget allocations that is guided by effective practices and ‘what works’ in the real world?
  • Need to identify specific cost savings to implement on an immediate and long-term basis?
  • Want a simple action plan with pros and cons listed for each recommendation to increase the accuracy of your decisions and the ‘fit’ for your district?
  • Would you benefit from an external consulting group’s presentation to principals and other key stakeholders regarding their role in improving efficiency, quality and impact of special education services?

Check out our Shortcuts to Effectiveness & Efficiency!


Summary of Activities


platinum ribbon

Everything in the Silver & Gold Packages, PLUS:

Detailed Staffing Study

Technical Assistance to Implement Recommendations

Training for Department Staff and Coaches

End-of-Year Review

$32,400 – $82,800*

gold ribbon

Everything in the Silver Package, PLUS:

Targeted Planning and Consultation

Training for Principals and Central Office Staff

Online Resources to Support Action Steps

$9,000 – $25,200*

silver ribbon

Structured Observations of District/Classroom Practice

Budget Review and Comparison

Recommendations Summary

$3,600 – $12,600*

*Cost includes consulting fees only. Travel expenses will be billed separately.