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Executive Functioning Skills

Applying Practical Strategies to Improve Skills and Address Behavior Excesses and Deficits in Children and Adolescents

At the heart of executive functioning disorders, there are deficits in theory of mind (ToM) which create the breakdowns in communication, social skills, and behavior (triad of impairments) inherent in persons with an ASD. However, there are other persons who experience executive functioning breakdowns, including those with attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities, hearing impairments, disruptive beahvior disorders, traumatic brain disorders, and degenerative brain condiditons. Strategies for developing ToM will be explored using videos, visual examples, and real life examples of how to assist our children/adolescents to “think through” complex situations and increase positive and appropriate social skills.


  1. Provide necessary supports for overcoming deficits of executive functioning, including recall, organization and planning, prioritizing and goal setting, evaluation and critical thinking skills, and self-management.
  2. Use special interests to increase social skills
  3. Incorporate visual strategies to connect behavior, emotions, and instructional consequencesspeaker


Speech therapists
Parents of children/adolescents with an executive functioning disorder


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