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Inclusion of Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities

Turning Challenges to Opportunities!

This workshop will address several areas that frequently challenge educators in providing appropriate opportunities and experiences for students with disabilities in an inclusive setting. Participants will:

  1. Review a student-centered decision-making process that first considers OPPORTUNITIES to address a students’ IEP goals in the general education setting then considers the curricular needs, (accommodations, modifications, assistive technology, communication, transition, executive functioning etc., followed by the support needs (advanced, in-class, specialized) for each student throughout the school day.
  2. Explore multiple strategies to adapt, modify and support grade-level instruction by content area.
  3. Review multiple resources to apply technology in the classroom to enable access to general curriculum content.
  4. Review multiple strategies to manage behavior and executive functioning within the general education setting.

Participants will receive a bank of resources, including a modification rubric, one-page strategy banks, a lesson design tool to address curricular, instructional and behavioral supports and a format guide to guide the decision process concerning the precise type and level of support a student may need.