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Integrating Assistive Technology to Promote Access and Progress in the General Curriculum and Other Aspects of the School Environment

This interactive workshop will support the efforts of educators in identifying, selecting, and implementing appropriate technology that will enable meaningful access to academic instruction (Reading Writing Spelling Mathematics), Study Skills, Daily Living, Recreation/Leisure, Mobility, Computer, Environment and Pre-employment.

Based on research from the Georgia Project for Assistive Technology, the workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to:

  1. Examine the sample tasks required for each student relative to the area;
  2. Review the standard tools typically provided for students;
  3. Discuss the types of accommodations/modifications of the task; and
  4. Review the multiple Assistive Technology Solutions to support success.

Participants will complete a lesson design template that addresses the goal or objective, the activities to address the goal, the modifications/technology needs, the post-assessment and any additional support needs for the student. Participants will be provided with multiple resources to support future efforts that will include but not be limited to: Areas of Difficulty Student Checklists, Assistive Technology Resource Guide, Strategy Banks that increase student engagement, and a Lesson Planning template to guide decisions in designing lessons that involve all learners.