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Mastering Executive Functioning

Supporting Student Success

This workshop is designed to assist educational practitioners in supporting the mental processing that is required and especially needed for students with disabilities. It recognizes that students will need explicit instruction and training that will promote school success in the areas of planning, organization, managing time, student self-responsibility, and student advocacy.

Participants will:

  1. Examine practices to assess the Executive Functioning of a student to determine the level and type of skill that is needed.
  2. Review the “best practices” for addressing Executive Functioning in an age-appropriate manner in the areas of Impulse Control, Emotional Control, Flexible Thinking, Working Memory, Self-Monitoring, Planning, Prioritizing, Task Initiation, and Organization.
  3. Learn strategies to implement with small groups and individual students that will increase Executive Functioning within the school day and in other settings as appropriate.
  4. Learn how to build the development of these skills within the school day through effective lesson planning and implementation.