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Modifying Grade Level Curriculum

Promoting Access in General Education Settings

This presentation will provide information and guidance in modifying curriculum and activities for students with disabilities within the general education setting rather than a specialized class/program. With this approach, the student can be involved in the same activities as typical peers because activities are adapted/modified to promote meaningful participation. It includes a decision-making process for determining modifications/adaptations and a showcase of strategies to modify the activities and outcomes, and a lesson design framework that guides educators in the steps for making these decisions. This approach will increase the opportunities for more students with disabilities to profit from instruction in the general education setting.

Learner Outcomes

  1. Participants will describe the difference between accommodations and modifications.
  2. Review best practices in creating modified activities that align with grade level standards.
  3. Explore at least 5 strategies that that scaffold learning success.
  4. Learn 4 ways to adapt text so that every student can access grade level content.
  5. Apply a lesson design framework to guide decisions regarding modifying the curriculum.
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