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Multi-Level Instruction

Multi-level Instruction

SUBJECT AREA: Differentiating Instruction



You will never look at instructional decision-making the same way again! This course provides you with four simple questions for designing lessons that are standards-based, promoting student engagement and providing opportunities for success for even the broadest range of diverse learners. In this innovative course, participants are able to customize their learning opportunity on the basis of the grade level they teach.


1. Design a multi-level instructional lesson and learn the simple five-step process
2. Identify two typical “errors” in planning a standards-based lesson and learn how to avoid them
3. Select the grade level and subject area most relevant to your assignment as the context for learning and using multi-level instruction techniques
4. Apply multi-level instruction to the specific needs of today’s typically diverse classrooms



Differentiated Instruction 1

Differentiated Instruction 2

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