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Side by Side for Paraeducators 2

Side by Side Paraeducator Course 2

SUBJECT AREA: Paraeducator Training



This course serves to establish paraeducators as essential partners in providing quality services to students in schools. This course focuses on three critical skills that enhance the value of the supports and services provided to students and to their teachers. They are:

Adapting instructional materials to increase student access to and success within the curriculum

Providing meaningful assistance that is focused on student needs and is not stigmatizing and recognizes six levels of support that offer a continuum of assistance from most to least intensive and intrusive; and

Creating a positive learning environment for all students that includes effective classroom management and individual student behavioral supports.


Component 1: The Paraeducator’s Role in Adapting Instructional Materials
Component 2: The Paraeducator’s Role in providing Support to Students
Component 3: The Basics of Student Behavior and Classroom Management



Side by Side for Paraeducators

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