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Paraeducator Training

Side by Side: Teachers & Paraeducators in the Classroom

There are approximately 700,000 paraeducators working in the nation’s public schools and additional thousands working in private schools today. These individuals represent a major resource in improving student achievement and building stronger and more effective schools.  Yet, there is a consensus across many educators that this resource has never been adequately trained and prepared for the important roles they play. Similarly, most teachers are not prepared to supervise, train, and monitor their paraeducator partners.

We are pleased to offer two versions of our practical, hands-on professional development for this audience of paraeducators and supervising teachers. Your choices include:


Learner Outcomes

Day 1: It’s All About Relationships!

  • The roles of the paraeducator and the distinctions between the roles of a teacher and a paraeducator;
  • The importance of the paraeducator as a member of the instructional team in today’s classrooms;
  • A shared decision-making process that provides for role clarity in the areas of: Lesson planning; The use of accommodations and modifications; Classroom management; Instructional activities; Student assessment; and, Collaboration with educators and families.
  • The important roles of the supervising teacher in supporting the paraeducator;
  • Four simple, but important, guidelines for effective paraeducator-teacher partnerships;
  • A team assessment process to determine ways to develop a strong and effective partnership;
  • When the paraeducator works with several teaching partners – clear communication and priority setting;
  • A seven-step process for scheduling the tasks that are assigned to the paraeducator throughout the school day and week;
  • Issues of mutual respect for challenges and accomplishments inherent in the role of paraeducator and the ways in which educators and school teams can demonstrate their respect and support.

Day 2: From Relationships to Skilled Practice!

  • How to identify a student’s strengths and areas of concern using teacher guidance, a review of the student’s individual education program (IEP) if applicable, and your observations;
  • Understanding the important relationship between the student and the paraeducator— how to build an appropriate relationship with the student to encourage self-responsibility and increase self-esteem;
  • The role of the paraeducator in using pre-determined instructional accommodations and curricular modifications in the classroom for individual students;
  • How to work with individual students, small groups of students, and with whole classrooms;
  • The role of the paraeducator in classroom management – techniques that work;
  • Data collection, progress monitoring, and simple reporting strategies that result in data-based instructional and behavioral decision-making;
  • The key role of paraeducators with families – the opportunities and the cautions.

Recommended Training Sequence


Training Packages

You may wish to select from one of the packaged trainings below, or contact us for a customized proposal based on your goals and district size.




platinum ribbon

Day 1 paraeducator staff development for up to 60 participants
200 licenses for online paraeducator courses
5 days on-site technical assistance
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Day 1 paraeducator staff development for up to 60 participants
200 licenses for online paraeducator courses
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Two-day paraeducator staff development for up to 60 participants $7,200.00*

*Cost includes consulting fees only. Travel expenses will be billed separately.