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Response to Intervention

Let Stetson and Associates, Inc. support you and your district’s efforts in establishing, implementing and monitoring the success of RtI! This relatively new concept is defined as a process of implementing high quality, scientifically validated, instructional practices based on learner needs, monitoring student progress and adjusting instruction based on the student’s response.

We offer multiple options to provide this support:

Professional Development

Basics of RtI

Stetson and Associates, Inc. can provide professional development on the topic of RtI. The structure for this professional development is to address the essential foundation, beliefs and core components for RtI followed by a campus self-assessment of the implementation status of this process. We provide a template for self-assessment based on the components of Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 practices through a Knowing-Doing Gap format, as well as, an action planning opportunity once the assessment is completed.  With this approach, the district will have a common framework for addressing RtI while each campus will have a means of addressing their priorities within the framework.

By the end of this session participants will be able to:


Universal Screening

Stetson and Associates, Inc. can assist the districts in determining the universal screening processes that are essential to the RtI process.

We have simple screening tools for academics and behavior.  We also have addressed the area of middle school mathematics with a screening and instructional process that supports student progress.

Progress Monitoring and Data-Based Decision Making

A cornerstone of RtI is the monitoring of individual student progress in a systematic process using multiple measures that will influence instructional decisions. Stetson and Associates, Inc. has professional development in the basics of progress monitoring, multiple progress monitoring assessment tools and training in the process of actually recording and tracking progress.

Multi-level Prevention Systems

Stetson and Associates, Inc. has several professional development areas that focus on prevention systems.

These include:


We also offer a variety of web-based courses through Stetson Online that address specific topics to support Tier 1 practices such as:


We have multiple mini packets that are available for purchase on a variety of topics that can be delivered in small groups for approximately one hour such as:


Technical Assistance

Stetson and Associates, Inc. can provide structured technical assistance to school districts in organizing their resources pertaining to RtI including information guidelines, district approved resources and processes.

Stetson and Associates, Inc. can also work with individual schools to monitor the essential teaching practices that are critical at every level, but most critical at Tier 1.  We have identified at least 11 basic classroom practices that are necessary for student success. We can observe in classrooms and provide feedback and training for teachers. Provide “coaching” to schools relative to changing practices and support to the district coordinators in promoting change in practice.

Custom Development

Stetson and Associates, Inc. can develop on-line training and specific products unique to your school district or organization to support the RtI efforts.  With this approach we would use your district/organizational resources that are available to staff and customize the topics.  For example, a course on progress monitoring would not only have the basic information and steps, etc for the teacher, but also incorporate the curriculum resources, the intervention resources and the standard practices that the district wants to see consistently across all schools.