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Staff Development

Staff Development

Addressing Specialized Services for Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities

A “Best Practice” Approach This workshop will focus on the Quality Indicators for Specialized Supports for students whose needs cannot… Read more

Algebra I Instruction

Algebra I is frequently a stumbling block for students who struggle because of an identified learning disability, limited English proficiency… Read more

Capacity Building for Leaders

This six-session series is designed to develop and extend the skills of leadership personnel at the district and campus level… Read more

Closing the Achievement Gap

This session addresses the timely topic of the challenge of closing the achievement gap for struggling students. This session outlines… Read more

Collaborative Coaching

Learner Objectives This one-day applied level training for building collaborative teaching skills, moving partners beyond the one teach/one assist model… Read more

Collaborative Teaching

Co-Teaching and other in-class support options are becoming increasingly popular in this era of inclusive education. When implemented correctly, collaborative… Read more

Culturally Responsive Instruction

Each student’s culture significantly influences his or her learning; each teacher’s culture significantly influences his or her teaching practice. With this understanding… Read more

Differentiated Instruction

Strategies that Work! The vision and mission for many school districts typically reflects a strong focus on high expectations for… Read more

Doing More With Less

As the Great Education Depression continues and school budgets get even tighter, the need for continued focus on ‘Doing More… Read more

Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Training

In this session, participants will explore the most current research on dyslexia and learn how to support dyslexic students during… Read more

English Language Learners

A Diverse Population In the United States, the number of school-age children (ages 5–17) who speak a language other than… Read more

Functional Skill Development

Life Skills for Lifelong Learning The goal of this training is to support educators in promoting and providing explicit support… Read more

Inclusion of Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities

Turning Challenges to Opportunities! This workshop will address several areas that frequently challenge educators in providing appropriate opportunities and experiences… Read more

Instructional Coaching

Professional Development This session addresses one of the most important changes in role and focus in education today, the emergence… Read more

Integrating Assistive Technology to Promote Access and Progress in the General Curriculum and Other Aspects of the School Environment

This interactive workshop will support the efforts of educators in identifying, selecting, and implementing appropriate technology that will enable meaningful… Read more

Mastering Executive Functioning

Supporting Student Success This workshop is designed to assist educational practitioners in supporting the mental processing that is required and… Read more

Paraeducator Training

Side by Side: Teachers & Paraeducators in the Classroom There are approximately 700,000 paraeducators working in the nation’s public schools… Read more

Promoting Access in General Education Settings

Ninety percent (90%) of students with a disability have the cognitive ability to meet the same standards and graduate using… Read more

Redefining Specialized Support

This training session will help participants to understand what specialized support is and to answer the question, “What’s so special… Read more

Resilience Training

As our nation’s schools reopen, two populations, teachers and students, once again come together striving to create safe and productive… Read more

Response to Intervention

Let Stetson and Associates, Inc. support you and your district’s efforts in establishing, implementing and monitoring the success of RtI… Read more

Responsible Scheduling

One of the most challenging aspects of addressing the needs of students with disabilities is the scheduling of these services… Read more

Step by Step for Inclusive Schools

Step by Step for Inclusive Schools is a systems-wide model for improving the quality and amount of time students spend… Read more

Success for Struggling Students

Success for Struggling Students: Closing the Achievement Gap This session was designed for teachers who support struggling students in general… Read more

TA for Central Office Staff

With a district’s desire for continuous improvement and greater student outcomes, inclusive education is critical to student and school success. … Read more

Targeted LIFE Skills Training

Training for Teachers of Students Having Moderate, Severe or Multiple Disabilities The primary focus of this two day training is… Read more

Technical Assistance

Focused Technical Assistance: Roles & Responsibilities With a district’s desire for continuous improvement and greater student outcomes, inclusive education is critical… Read more

The Leadership Practices Profile

This session is designed for school administrators to support their role in providing leadership in the implementation of the least… Read more

Universal Math Screeners

Identifying Students Needing Interventions in Mathematics These easy to use screeners assess students’ understanding and ability to use skills and… Read more

Writing Standards-Based IEPs

The Individual Education Plan (IEP) is a document that addresses how a student’s disability impacts his or her ability to… Read more