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Early Childhood Special Education Programs: Module 3 Communication and Technology Support

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This is the third in a series of five training modules to support effective practices related to Early Childhood Special Education Programs. These modules can be used in or out of sequence. The modules can be stand-alone trainings or a complete series based on participant needs.

We know that high levels of active engagement in verbal interaction is the best way to maximize a young child's language development. However, classroom research suggests that young children are active verbal participants in less than half of the teacher-child interactions they experience. Since many children have limited vocabulary, language development delays, and/or English proficiency deficits, it is critical that teachers implement strategies and find ways for children to be talked to less and TALKED WITH more! This training session addresses the following objectives:

  1. Define augmentative communication strategies
  2. Analyze how to use augmentative communication strategies to teach functional communication skills
  3. Describe critical pragmatic communication skills for young children
  4. Describe how to implement augmentative communication strategies throughout the daily routine using schedules and work systems

Each module contains:

  1. Master set of participant handouts
  2. PowerPoint presentation
  3. Trainer notes
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