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Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities: Module 1 Assessment-Based IEP

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Indicators of Effective Practices: Preschool Programs for Children With Disabilities - Module One: Assessment-Based IEP This is the first training module in a series of five training modules to support effective practices related to Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities. These modules can be used in or out of sequence. The modules can be stand-alone trainings or a complete series based on participant needs.

The purpose of assessment is to monitor children's development and learning, guide planning and decision-making, and to report progress and communicate with others. Assessment gives us a basis to monitor children's development and learning over time. Formative assessment results give us direction for lesson planning and decision-making for student task analysis and student instructional groupings. Benchmarks and summative assessments are critical for reporting progress and providing a basis for updating IEPs and communicating progress with stakeholders. This training session addresses the following objectives:

Understand assessment considerations for young children

Write measurable IEP objectives using all four components

Differentiate IEP objectives across all four levels of learning to increase student independence over time

Sketch/specify a data collection format aligned with IEP objectives

Each module contains:

Master set of participant handouts

PowerPoint presentation

Trainer notes

CD with training materials

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