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Student-Led IEP Meetings

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Self-determination and meaningful student involvement in the IEP meeting has been in the literature and practice since the 1980's. It is important to ask why the person whose life is changed by what is and is not done in an IEP meeting is one of the least involved in the data-gathering, analysis, and decision-making. We know as a campus and district staff that we cannot solve problems or positively impact change unless we understand the problem and have a role in making positive change happen.

Why would we think this same concept does not apply to children? This module provides an overview of Student-Led IEP meetings as a means for students to learn and practice self-determination. This strategy involves students in the decision-making practice that shapes their lives.

Session Objectives

  1. Provide an overview of student-led IEP as a means for students to learn and practice self-determination
  2. Review the research behind the practice and considerations for implementing the practice in your school
  3. Learn the eight steps for conducting student-led IEP meetings
  4. Explore optional activities, including a literature review, roundtable discussion, and online resources
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