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Supporting Student Success: Characteristics of a Positive Classroom (Digital Download)

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This manual for teachers focuses on Seven Essential Characteristics of a Positive Classroom.

These Essential Characteristics reflect the research-based practices that teachers can implement to support student success. Within each of these characteristics are strategies and resources teachers may provide in multiple means for determining the needs of learners, and multiple strategies to address the essential characteristic.

The purpose of this resource manual is:

  1. To provide information, tools, templates and strategy resources to teachers organized around this simple framework; and,
  2. To provide teachers with a framework for selecting and adding information they find useful, helpful and productive regarding the seven characteristics.

The Supporting Student Success Resource Manual reflects the work of many expert practitioners, researchers and educators in determining needs, choosing topics, and selecting activities. It acknowledges the sincere belief that all children are valued and important, and all teachers can and will make a significant difference in both the academic and behavior outcomes for our students.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Section 1. Authentic Relationships
  • Section 2. Engaging Instruction
  • Section 3. Rules and Routines
  • Section 4. Explicit Teaching
  • Section 5. Reinforcement
  • Section 6. Consequences
  • Section 7. Self-Responsibility
  • Additional Resources
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