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Tiered Instruction Strategies Training Module

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In order to offer instruction that holds all learners to task, successful teachers learn how their students differ, then use this information to design instructional activities that address the readiness levels, interests, and learning characteristics of their students.

Successful teachers group students in many ways. They organize their classrooms so that students can work easily with peers. They use formal cooperative learning structures. Successful teachers learn their students' interests and use the information to form groups. Teachers may use flexible grouping to differentiate content (what is taught), process (how content is taught), and product (how to assess what a student has learned).

Session Objectives

  1. Review tools to assess student learning styles and interests
  2. Analyze learning styles of your students and identify flexible grouping methods
  3. Determine guidelines for group size
  4. Learn 10 steps for creating a tiered lesson
  5. Review lesson examples and identify how the lesson is tiered
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