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Strategies for English Language Learners

Strategies for English Language Learners



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It is no surprise for educators to hear that the diverse population in the United States is growing, changing and impacting our public school population.  Some states have historically been impacted by English Language Learners (ELL) yet today ELL students are increasingly present in all US states and schools. Therefore, there is a significant need to understand the English Language Learner, how language is learned and how educators can improve instruction for the ELLs, as they have the challenge of learning grade level content and concepts in addition to learning a second language. This ELL course is comprised of an Introduction and 4 components. 


The Introduction includes rational for learning about ELL, outlines  the characteristics of the ELL, and establishes a common vocabulary.
Component 1: Definition of culture and its impact on learning and teaching.
Component 2: Discusses the issues related to language development and the developmental stages of second language acquisition.
Component 3: Effective Research Based Instructional Strategies to include Cummins’s Framework for Classifying Language and Content Activities, identifying and teaching both language and content objectives,  and purposefully planned lessons which provide comprehensible input and scaffolding to support the students in learning English while they are also learning the required content. 
Component 4: Content specific strategies, resources, and lessons.
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