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Success for Students with ASD

Quality Indicators for a Classroom for Students with Spectrum Disorders

During this three to five day training, practical strategies are provided for students with an ASD in the general education setting to a more restrictive environment. Probing strategies for including students with mild, moderate and severe spectrum disorders, this training analyzes the general education settings and other least restrictive environment settings. Prevention strategies, intervention strategies and postvention strategies (instructional consequences) are highlighted using physical structure, schedules and work systems, meaningful instruction, and visual supports to promote positive behavior.


Visual Strategies to Enhance Reading Comprehension for Students with ASD

A student who can decode well, but has little understanding of what he reads, may become a good “word caller,” but not a proficient reader. This is apparent in our students with Asperger’s, or who may be hyperlexic. In this session, strategies will b presented that are concrete and visual for enhancing comprehension. Digital strategies available for download!

No Excuses! Providing Positive Behavior Supports for the Student with an ASD in an Inclusive Setting

The most effective classrooms provide for a balance between group instruction, one on one assignments, and work that promotes interaction between students. How can these goals be applied to a student with an ASD who has difficulty with independence, impairments in social communication, and the need for more visual structure? Practical strategies will be presented including visual tools for communication and social competence as well as supports to promote independence.

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