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Targeted LIFE Skills Training

Training for Teachers of Students Having Moderate, Severe or Multiple Disabilities

The primary focus of this two day training is building teacher and/or paraeducator knowledge of best practices in working with students having moderate to severe disabilities. The following topics are addressed in this training.

4How do we assure the IEP reflects the priorities of the student and family?

Teachers will practice using an interview tool for parents and guardians that will help verify and prioritize what is included in a student’s IEP.

4When and how do we assist students and how much prompting is too much? Too little? How do we know?

The key to answering  these questions lies in knowing how to use a continuum of prompts, moving students toward more independence without inadvertently teaching “learned helplessness.” Additionally, ways to document this movement/progress using various data collection tools are explored, including the Targeted LIFE Skills materials if the client would like training that specific tool. Good instructional decisions can only occur when based on relevant data.

4How do we provide effective instruction in the community? How do we align our instruction with goals for future independence?

Teachers learn specific ways to prepare for Community Based Instruction (CBI) and strategies for working in the community. For older students, this includes CBVI.

4What is the classroom staff’s responsibility in dealing with problem behavior and in teaching appropriate replacements? What tools and resources are available to assist one?

The functions of behavior, ABC’s of behavior, and various positive strategies are explored using examples of behaviors relevant to teachers’ own challenges in class as well as in the community.