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Teaching Math to Students with Disabilities

Teaching Math to Students with Disabilities




Closing the achievement gap between students with disabilities in mathematics and their non-disabled peers has caused frustration and disappointment among many school administrators, teachers and the children they serve. In many cases, as standards are raised in an effort to increase achievement, the gap only widens. Are there lessons we can learn from research and practice in successful math instruction and in the nature of common disabilities? How can we be better equipped as we work to close this gap and provide all students with skills and understanding necessary to be college and career ready?


Component 1: Problem Solving Strategies
Component Two: Common Effects of “Dysteachia”
Component Three: Successful Teaching for Students with Common Math Disabilities



Foundations For Understanding Mathematics: Grades K-2

Building Blocks For Understanding Mathematics: Grades 3-5

Extending Understanding for Success in Pre-Algebra

Algebraic Reasoning

Geometry: The Shape of Our World

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