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Universal Math Screeners

Identifying Students Needing Interventions in Mathematics

math-screenerThese easy to use screeners assess students’ understanding and ability to use skills and concepts critical to success in mathematics. Assessments are standards-based and are currently available for grades K-5 with the kindergarten assessment designed to be administered during the second semester of a student’s enrollment.

Each assessment describes several simple activities and questions the teacher/test administrator should ask to determine a student’s mastery of skills and understandings prerequisite to grade-level success. The format of the assessments will identify students needing interventions, and will also provide diagnostic information that will guide the interventions. The system of record keeping enables teachers to easily document baseline data and progress monitoring.

Because the success of a standards-based mathematics program is strongly influenced by the professionals delivering instruction, a related service is recommended. The process used to develop these assessments provides a valuable opportunity for campus and/or district-level professionals to engage in conversations that would produce both assessments reflecting local priorities based on the criteria described above, and a common understanding of the critical attributes of the skills and understandings critical for success at each grade level. This process of designing assessments tailored to address the specific priorities of a campus or district would involve three to five professionals at each grade level for two days.

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