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Writing Standards-Based IEPs

A standards-based Individualized Education Program (IEP) is a document that addresses how a student’s disability impacts his or her ability to access the curriculum standards at his or her enrolled grade level. While IEPs for all students with disabilities must be written to address how the student will participate in the general curriculum, educators continue to be challenged by HOW to develop, implement and monitor an IEP that will ensure access to state standards.

IEP Steps

This session will address critical information pertaining to the components of a standards-based IEP, the importance of precision in determining students’ level of performance, and steps for writing meaningful and measurable goals and objectives. Participants will receive an overview of the process and some practical tools to aid them in future practice.

Session Agenda

  • Standards-Based IEP: Legal Basis
  • Steps for Writing a Standards-Based IEP
  • Crafting a PLAAFP Based on State Standards
  • Writing Measurable Goals
  • Writing Short-Term Objecrtives
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Questions, Answers and Next Steps


Sample Slides


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