Stetson & Associates, Inc. is an educational consulting firm focused on educational excellence and systems change.

We have a national reputation for providing “cutting-edge” services. Our credo is “Excellence AND Equity!” and our mission is to support administrators, teachers, and parents in their efforts to enable every student to be engaged, included, high-achieving, and prepared for adulthood.

When Stetson & Associates was founded in 1987, we embraced the belief that it is not possible for an educational institution to be deemed excellent, unless it is also equitable. Over the years, the call for both excellence and equity in education has exemplified our work by:

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    Promoting Positive Systems Change and Transforming Theory into Practice.

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    Embracing a Student-Centered Approach

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    Offering Highly Individualized and Unique Client Services

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    Advancing Solution-Oriented, Practical and Research-Based Strategies

Our mission
to make a positive difference in the lives of students and in the accomplishments of our clients!

We are committed
to supporting the efforts of the education community in ensuring excellence and equity for all students.

We work with school leadership teams
to empower educators and facilitate a systems change approach that achieves educational excellence.

We apply our expertise
in systems change, quality standards, program evaluation, leadership, research-based instructional strategies, adult learning, and the effective use of resources.

We can help you and your team
with creative and long-lasting tools customized to your unique needs such as:

Effective Practices

Cutting-Edge Teaching Techniques

Practical, User-Friendly Tools

Lasting Systems Change

Online & Blended Learning

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Our Work Through the Years


Established the Statewide Evaluation Consortium of Education Service Centers providing Alternative Certification Programs


Developed and piloted three administrative training packages for the Florida Department of Education


Selected by OSEP to present at national conferences on highly effective practices in implementing IDEA '97


Assisted the Connecticut State Department of Education in responding to the P J vs. Connecticut SEO Settlement Agreement through statewide training and technical assistance


Selected by International CEC to provide intensive training to the Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Ministers of Education


Facilitated a conference on behalf of the US Department of State's Office of International Information Programs to enhance the mutual understanding and cooperation regarding inclusive education and the legislative framework between the US and Mongolia


Began a five-year contract with the Hawaii State Department of Education to provide statewide training to improve LRE and Student Achievement


Dr. Stetson presented the keynote address "Leadership for Change" at the national CASE/NASDSE conference


Statewide capacity building for Connecticut State Department of Education staff to support inclusive practices