Our expert associates provide high impact, interactive professional development for all members of the school faculty. Professional development may be customized for your school or district or you may choose from developed topics. Each training topic listed below has been developed on the basis of over thirty years of formal evaluations of school districts and support effective educational systems that are responsive to all learners.

All of our trainings are listed below and can be filtered by category. Each training contains a full description and a link to contact us for customization, pricing, etc.

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  • Effective Instruction
  • Inclusive Education
  • Paraeducators as Partners
  • Responsible Staffing and Scheduling

Accommodations 2.0

Take your school’s strategies for creating and implementing effective student accommodations to the next level with practical guidance and hands-on applications.
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Addressing Special Services for Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities

Learn how quality indicators are used to create the most effective learning environment with specialized support for students whose needs cannot be met in the general education setting.
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Capacity Building for Leaders

Expand the skills of leadership personnel at the district and campus level to benefit all students, specifically focusing on the impact of instruction for struggling learners.
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Closing the Gap

Learn strategies to identify systems issues, support effective instructional planning and guide decision-making for long-term student success.
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Collaborative Coaching

Build your strongest team using collaborative teaching skills, moving partners beyond their typical models of co-teaching.
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Collaborative Teaching Practices

Discover the inherent strength in shared expertise for the benefit of a diverse group of students.
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Co-Teaching from a Leadership Perspective

Uncover new strategies for implementing and sustaining constructive co-teaching practices that focus on a creative, accountable and individualized approach.
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Culturally Responsive Instruction

Recognize how the cultural experiences of students and teachers impact successful teaching practices, and learn culturally competent ways to bridge the divide.
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Disability Awareness Training

To provide optimal classroom support to students with disabilities all teachers must first understand the impact and the challenge of the disability.
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Doing More With Less

Gain insight and focus on the most effective ways to do more with less as education budgets continue to shrink.
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Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Training

Receive up-to-date research and tips on instruction for both dyslexia and dyscalculia specific to reading and math instruction, as well as other content areas.
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Facilitated IEP Meetings

Bringing in an impartial facilitator to an IEP meeting can promote effective communication and assist the IEP team in developing a plan focused on the student’s needs.
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"As a result of AISD’s partnership with Stetson & Associates, students are increasingly successful and teachers are more empowered.  I would highly recommend Stetson & Associates for any district wanting to make a powerful, positive difference in the lives of student with disabilities and the staff who support them."

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