Stetson & Associates, Inc. has a talented staff of professionals who have served in instructional and administrative roles in general education, special education, and with other special populations, such as gifted and talented education, English Language Learners (ELL), and at-risk student populations. Our associates are former principals, central office administrators, teachers, coordinators, diagnosticians, and speech/language pathologists.

Dr. Frances Stetson

Frances Stetson, Ph.D.

President & CEO

Patricia Williams

Patricia Williams

Vice President of Operations

Brandi Breaux

Brandi Breaux, M.A.

Vice President of Client Development

Virginia Copeland

Virginia Copeland, M.Ed.

Vice President Emeritus

Carol Burke

Carol Burke, M.Ed.

Office Manager

Arnold Adair

Arnold Adair, Ph.D.


Sylvia Fuentes

Sylvia Fuentes, Ed.D.


Cathy Giardina

Cathy Giardina

Director, Inclusive Schools Network

Kristi Henderson

Kristi Henderson, M.Ed.

Adjunct Associate

Rachel Kent

Rachel Kent, M.Ed.


Tim LaCourt

Tim LaCourt, M.A.


Brian Malechuk

Brian Malechuk, Ed.D.


Ann McIntyre

Ann McIntyre, M.A.


Judith Moening

Judith Moening, Ph.D.


Becky Moschgat

Becky Moschgat, M.A.


Cindy Nelson

Cindy Nelson, M.Ed.


Cyndi Short

Cyndi Short, Ed.D.


Paula Walker

Paula Walker, Ph.D.


Kind Words from our Clients

"The team at Stetson & Associates has been extremely professional, collaborative, and flexible.  They have readily adapted professional development and technical support to meet our individualized district and campus needs.   It is clear that Stetson & Associates are student centered, research based and customer oriented."

Austin ISD