Stetson & Associates, Inc. offers speaking engagements at conferences, schools and other private events. All topics are tailored to meet the group’s needs, can vary in length, and can occur virtually or in person. Please see below for a list of topics followed by common frequently asked questions.

List of Topics and Descriptions

More Topics Available Upon Request

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the keynote speaker?

Dr. Frances Stetson is often requested for keynote speaking engagements; however, any highly qualified associate within the firm may be requested. Simply indicate this on your form.

Is there a fee to have a speaker from Stetson & Associates, Inc. present at a private event or conference?

If it is a keynote speaker engagement, there is a fee, which will be discussed with the requesting group or agent. All associates routinely volunteer to present sessions at conferences.  A proposal for keynote topic and objectives is required.

Are speaking engagements always presented in person or are there virtual options?

Our staff is available for virtual or in-person speaking engagements and/or trainings.

Are there limits to the number of attendees for any of the topics?

There is no limit to the number of attendees.

How long are the speaking engagements?

Keynote speeches may range from 45 minutes to 2 hours

Who is each topic geared towards?

Topics are usually based on the conference theme or a specific request from the person heading the conference. Keynotes can be for superintendents, district administrators, principals and instructional personnel, parents or any audience with an interest in education topics. 

How do we request a speaker for an event?

Click here to request a speaker for your next event.  Or, if you are a conference host, email Tricia Williams at to request a speaker.

Kind Words from our Clients

"Very thought-provoking and so compatible with our own work on Developing Culturally Responsive Educators and on Eliminating Disproportionality! Our experience was so enriched by the new people we met from the national, state, regional and local levels. We had courageous conversations and left the conference feeling very proud of the work of our clients in this challenging area — but with renewed commitment to continue the journey!!!"

ASCD’s Conference on Excellence through Equity