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Culturally Responsive Classroom Practices

culturally responsive artworkDescription
CRE practices are those activities that demonstrate the acceptance, tolerance and value of all learners regardless of their ability, ethnicity, or family status They include building authentic relationships in the classroom, fostering the success of families and community members, providing culturally relevant instruction that promotes self-responsibility, offers student choice and flexibility of grouping. The following pictures were taken in school classrooms that show evidence of classroom practices that demonstrate culturally proficient practices these includes statements of acceptance, evidence of building relationships, focus on families relevant materials and activities related to interests student self-responsibility and student choice.

Positive Impact on Students

The benefits of Culturally Responsive practices are well documented and include increased student engagement, performance and increased family and community involvement. Tolerance, acceptance and mutual respect and understanding are additional benefits.

Additional Information

Stetson & Associates, Inc. offers a web course on this topic and and publication that is available in our store titled, “Resource Manual for Culturally Responsive Educational Practices.” This guide provides teachers with information on cultural proficiency, building authentic relationships, fostering success with families and community members and culturally responsive instructional practices.

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