Webster Parish Schools

Following a turbulent school year marked by the pandemic, the 2020-21 school year began with virtual instruction for all students with intermittent campus returns. Educators across the country saw record-high teacher shortages in addition to an increase in student needs. Leaders within Webster Parish Schools recognized the need to build the capacity of all staff in order to meet these challenges. Collaboration with the special education administration and Stetson & Associates quickly revealed the need for training with their paraeducator staff as they represent a major resource for improving student achievement and building more effective instructional services.

Training sessions focused on clarity of roles and responsibilities. Most often teachers within schools are not prepared to supervise, train, and monitor their paraeducator partners therefore it was important for participant teams to consist of teachers, paraeducators, and administrators. Learner objectives for the training session included the importance of the paraeducator as a member of the instructional team, the use of accommodations and modifications, classroom management, and guidelines for effective paraeducator-teacher partnerships. The session’s engaging activities and opportunities for collaboration allowed participant teams to use newly introduced tools with plans to implement shared ideas at their school the very next day.

“This was one of the most beneficial in-service sessions we have had in a long time. The composition of the school teams (administrator, special education teacher, regular education teacher, and paraprofessional) created a dynamic opportunity for collaboration. Everyone left with a much clearer understanding of their roles and responsibilities in supporting students with disabilities.”

~ Webster Parish School Special Education Director

As we move past the pandemic, educators are working to regain focus, return to the status quo, and renovate our systems for education. It is a pleasure to collaborate with members of Webster Parish Schools in their journey to move forward in supporting students by building on the strengths of teachers, paraeducators, and administrators.

To discover the potential of your teacher and paraeducator teams, take this quick self-assessment on roles and responsibilities.

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