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Success for Struggling Students

Success for Struggling Students: Closing the Achievement Gap

This session was designed for teachers who support struggling students in general and special education classrooms. This training addresses three critical components that contribute to the success of struggling students: Effective Instruction, Student Engagement, and Behavioral Supports. Each component delivers fresh viewpoints about effective services for this group of students and high impact strategies for addressing their needs. Teachers will leave this training with a rich set of resources, strategies, and techniques for communicating high expectations and improving student performance.


Learner Objectives

Participants will:

  • Review six instructional strategies: Pre-Assessment, Previewing, Non-Linguistic Representation, Vocabulary Building, Tiered Instruction, and Reflection.
  • Share strategies for building authentic relationships with students and families
  • To identify process skills students need to be successful learners and how to explicitly teach, monitor, and reinforce process skills
  • Define ability-based and effort-based learning
  • Self-assess how you question your students and explain how that communicates expectations for student performance
  • Explain the relationship between instruction and behavior
  • Learn proactive and preventative classroom interventions

Recommended Training Sequence


Training Packages

Contact us for a customized proposal based on your goals and district size.