Client Spotlight - O.D. Wyatt High School

Spotlight Activity
Collaborative Coaching

O.D. Wyatt High School in Fort Worth, Texas

At the request of Fort Worth principal, Steven Johnson, Cindy Nelson led members of O.D. Wyatt High School’s mathematics and science departments through a round of what they termed, “Collaborative Coaching”.  The development and implementation of this teaching process was in response to Mr. Johnson’s request to improve and increase the involvement of both collaborative partners during in-class support.

Collaborative partners were directed to plan a lesson that would spotlight two of Mr. Johnson’s school wide priorities, strategies to encourage accountable talk and parallel teaching.  While one partnership taught their lesson, other collaborative partnerships observed and collected data requested by the presenters.  As a guide, Mrs. Nelson worked with a partner to lead a demonstration lesson before the other partners took their turns. A carefully directed post conference provided the observed partnership with the data requested and a structure for reflecting and planning improvement for their next lesson.  All participating pairs took turns being observed and reflected on requested data to plan for improvement.

Positive Impact on Students

This practice has resulted in increased planning and communication between collaborative teaching partners.  The campus has seen increase in performance and achievement and still maintains their focus on academic achievement.

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