Client Spotlight - North East ISD

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Supplemental Aids and Services

North East ISD, San Antonio, Texas

This district has had great success in helping their teachers understand determine and routinely use supplemental aids and services to promote student participation and progress in the state assessment. They provide guidelines and training for teachers and have a district process for developing appropriate supplemental aids and approving them in according with state guidelines for assessment.  The supplemental aids are individually determined for each student and the student has a container (folder, notebook) that serves as his or her “toolkit” to use in the classroom and when assessments are provided.

Positive Impact on Students

This practice has resulted in increased participation of students with disabilities on the state assessment instrument and a decrease in students with disabilities participation in modified state assessment as required by the AYP provision of the NCLB.  The district has seen increase in performance and achievement as a result of the routine use of supplemental aids for students who need them.

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