Client Spotlight - Washoe County School District

Spotlight Activity
Structured Campus Assistance for Inclusive Education Practices

Washoe County School District

This urban district located in Reno, Nevada is supporting individual campus needs through a structured assistance approach for Inclusive Education practices based on a model developed by Stetson & Associates, Inc. With this approach the school completes a faculty survey relative to inclusive practices and a team of district “Inclusion Specialists’ visits the school, conducts structured classroom observations, and meets with the school leadership to review the results of the faculty survey and results of the observations. The school-based team then develops a simple plan of action to address the school’s needs relative to inclusion. The inclusion specialists then continue to support the team by providing staff development in large or small groups, using Stetson & Associates, Inc. mini staff development materials and modules, individual teacher support, and or other key resources. The district developed a selection process for determining school participation that was based on the school’s status relative to AYP, schools interest in becoming more inclusive, and the commitment of the principal to support needed change.

Positive Impact on Students

The district reports a significant increase in the quality of inclusive practices. They recently celebrated the efforts and successes of the participating schools and involved community partnerships to showcase the practices. This approach promoted customized support on site and administrators found it beneficial for the faculty and the school.

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