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Recent work with secondary electives teachers on the topic of Differentiated Instruction revealed high interest in this area, as well as a desire for information specific to their discipline. After researching sources on differentiating instruction in various electives areas, a list of well-written articles with clear explanations and innovative ideas was compiled for teachers. After reading these articles, the hope is that these educators trained in the basics of Differentiated Instruction will initiate school-wide conversations and encourage faculty to share student information pertaining to interests, learning characteristics, and preferences.

Art and Design

Differentiated Frida Kahlo Lesson (Secondary): Groupings based on interest and multiple intelligences; flexible grouping used throughout (2008)

A Case for Intervention Strategies in Art and Design (Secondary): Academic article on differentiating instruction in art and design; also discusses interventions for students based on the model of RtI (2012)

Differentiation in Art and Design (All Levels): Building “A Professional and Responsive Mindset;”  includes concrete strategies (2108)


9 Best Differentiated Instruction Strategies for CTE: Discusses ways to help motivate students, including grouping strategies, tiered learning, project-based learning, flipped classroom, and think-pair-share (2020)

Health and Physical Education

Differentiation in Health and Physical Education (All Levels): Several great examples showing cubing, RAFT strategy, tiered learning, and rubrics (2008)

PE Blog. Differentiation in PE:  Being Responsive to Our Students’ Needs (Grades 4/5 and older): Discusses differentiating in the PE class and tiered learning (2020)

The PE Project:  Planning for Differentiation (All Levels): Describes their STTEP Principles that differentiate by task, outcomes, roles, responses, teaching style, and interaction (2020)

PE Blog. Increasing Differentiation and Choice in Physical Education (All Levels): Incorporating choice into a PE program as a way to differentiate for students and increase participation (2018)

Foreign Language

Communique LOTECED. Differentiating Instruction in the Foreign Language Classroom (Secondary): Ideas on use of tiered learning, RAFT strategy, student choice, and learning centers (early 2000’s)

Music and Orchestra

Differentiation in the Music Classroom (Grades K-12): Explores ideas for differentiating lessons in a variety of areas; explores using Stations as a way to differentiate (2011)

Differentiation in the Middle School Orchestra Rehearsal: Ideas on pre-assessment and shows an example lesson with lots of student choice (2013)

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