Stetson & Associates, Inc. believes our mission will only be achieved through positive, impactful partnerships with our clients. We strive for our work partnership to make a difference in the lives of all members of a school community. Together we can achieve systems of educational excellence!

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Instructional Coaching in Clear Creek ISD

Spotlight Activity Instructional Coaching Series Component of Comprehensive Approach to Build Effective Inclusive Practices District Clear Creek ISD, TX Description The Instructional Coaching Series was one component of a comprehensive approach...
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Turning Around Missouri City Middle School

Spotlight Activity Campus Turn Around Efforts District Missouri City Middle School, Missouri City, Texas Description In January of 2009, the leadership and Math teams at Missouri City Middle partnered with...
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Collaborative Teaching in Action

Spotlight Activity Collaborative Teaching District South Houston High School, Pasadena ISD, Texas Description After working with one of Stetson & Associates, Inc.’s Associates, Lynn Hill, on how to better the...
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Collaborative Coaching to Enhance Teaching Partnerships

Spotlight Activity Collaborative Coaching District O.D. Wyatt High School in Fort Worth, Texas Description At the request of Fort Worth principal, Steven Johnson, Cindy Nelson led members of O.D. Wyatt...
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Supplemental Aids and Services

Spotlight Activity Supplemental Aids and Services District North East ISD, San Antonio, Texas Description This district has had great success in helping their teachers understand determine and routinely use supplemental...
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Structured Campus Assistance for Inclusive Education Practices

Spotlight Activity Structured Campus Assistance for Inclusive Education Practices District Washoe County School District Description This urban district located in Reno, Nevada is supporting individual campus needs through a structured...
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Project Based Instruction

Spotlight Activity Project Based Instruction District Garcia Middle School, Austin Independent School District Description This middle school has one class that has committed to the sole use of activity/project-based learning. ...
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Culturally Responsive Classroom Practices

Spotlight Activity Culturally Responsive Classroom Practices Description CRE practices are those activities that demonstrate the acceptance, tolerance and value of all learners regardless of their ability, ethnicity, or family status...
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Area Special Education Directors Meet for a Symposium

The members of the San Antonio Area Special Education Directors’ Conference (SAASD) group meets each year at the close of school to set future goals, learn new skills, and to...
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