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Collaborative Teaching

Collaborative Teaching 1

SUBJECT AREA: Collaborative Teaching



Within the past decade, collaborative teaching partnerships have opened the doors of general education classrooms for millions of special populations students. These students and their typical peers receive increased personal support from trained educators, achieve more, and benefit from higher expectations and challenging curriculum and instruction. The teaching partners also benefit from the lower pupil-teacher ratio. Ironically, if you talk to most educators who are beginning a collaborative partnership or who have had poor experiences with the practice, the list of their concerns and perceived barriers is usually extensive.
Participants will enjoy the honesty with which this topic is addressed and the many tools and techniques gained.


Component 1: Personal Commitment to the Teaching Roles
Component 2: Interpersonal Relationship Challenges: Role Clarity and Teaching Styles
Component 3: Procedural Considerations: Planning and Scheduling



Collaborative Teaching 2
Collaborative Teaching 3

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