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Learn time-tested strategies to face the challenge of writing each IEP to specifically address the unique learning needs of your diverse students, while staying aligned with the grade level standards that apply to all students.

This training will help you:


creating measurable IEPs based on a true picture of your student’s strengths and area of need.


teachers with new insight and resources to craft legally compliant, quantifiable, and precise IEPs.


all educators with responsibilities that include developing, implementing, or monitoring a student’s IEP.

Discover new perspectives, skills, and research-based resources:

  • Review and know the standards.
  • Craft a PLAAFP.
  • Understand the best ways to write measurable goals and objectives.
  • Identify methods to monitor student progress.

Expand your toolbox:

  • Evaluate the five common challenges educators face when developing IEPs, then discuss the solutions.
  • Discuss six supports that should be in place for every student with special needs.
  • Participate in a side-by-side exercise comparing accommodations and modifications.
  • Examine strategies for universal design.

Training customization:

Stetson & Associates can customize every training to fit your needs and has been doing so for over 700 districts for more than 30 years.

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