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Understanding how to create a culture of equity and inclusion in the classroom can ensure not just access, but success for all learners.

This training will help you:


capitalizing on the expertise of everyone who interacts with your students to establish a shared responsibility for every student’s progress.


your school and district to redefine the roles and structures in need of adjustments to ensure effective collaboration and intervention.


your entire team with a new understanding and guidance in modifying curricula and activities to meet student needs.

Find answers you need to know, such as:

  • What are the most appropriate modifications to allow students with disabilities to be involved in the same activities as their peers? How can these be applied?
  • Which lesson design frameworks present the best opportunities for more students with disabilities to profit from instruction in the general education setting?

Discover new perspectives, skills, and research-based resources:

  • Effectively recognize and describe the differences between accommodations and modifications.
  • Review best practices for creating modified activities aligning with grade-level standards.
  • Explore strategies that scaffold learning success.
  • Apply a lesson design framework to guide decisions regarding curriculum modifications.

Expand your toolbox:

  • Find new benefits and uses for instructional frameworks such as the gradual release model.
  • Discuss practical applications of scaffolds, accommodations and modifications.

Training customization:

Stetson & Associates can customize every training to fit your needs and has been doing so for over 700 districts for more than 30 years.

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