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There are two years remaining in which ESSER funds, authorized in the American Rescue Plan Act, will be available. NOW is the time to assess your plan for expending these funds to effectively accelerate learning recovery. These funds have been described as “a once-in-a-generation opportunity for educators”.

  • Will your current plans for expending these funds make the greatest difference in addressing one of the most challenging times in our history?
  • What are the greatest leverage points for successfully addressing learning loss, accelerated learning, effective use of staff, and the creation of systems to sustain these gains when accomplished?
  • Do we have our best game plan in place?

At this midpoint in the use of ESSER funds, consider adding Stetson and Associates to your team! Our firm has over 35 years of success across the US in providing an objective and informed examination of current district practices and in designing concrete action plans for success in achieving improved student outcomes. We offer services that provide practical, research-based resources, strategies, coaching, and professional development designed specifically to fulfill the improvement goals established by your district.

Targeted Evaluation of Needs and Effective Interventions

targeted evaluation of current instructional practices, use of existing personnel, teacher skill levels, and school leadership capacity identifies enhanced ways to support students and staff. Stetson & Associates is highly experienced in conducting structured classroom observations and principal interviews to pinpoint the best ways to achieve instructional outcomes and a revitalized school climate for staff and student learning. This process answers the question: What are the strongest leverage points for achieving student success? This knowledge is a springboard for the future. It ultimately saves the client district time and missteps by providing a clear target for the action steps to follow.

Development of Specific Instructional Skills for Accelerating Learning

With the information from the review and evaluation process, Stetson & Associates works with district leadership to craft an action plan that is specific and offers accountable benchmarks for implementation. While there will be many components of the final school plan, no section is more important than the plan for providing instructional excellence within an accelerated instruction framework. Old remedial models must be left behind. Strategies such as multi-level instruction, use of scaffolds to increase efficient learning, differentiated instruction, positive behavioral supports, flexible student grouping, and many others are necessary characteristics of instruction that ensure robust learning, retention of knowledge, and recoupment of lost instructional time. Our reviews address these instructional approaches, staffing solutions, and capacity building for new and existing staff.

Professional Development of Specific Skills for Accelerating Learning

There are many ways to provide professional development to staff that do not require the use of large numbers of substitute teachers. Providing shorter training sessions of several hours allows the campus to provide training to several groups of teachers with the available substitutes rotating from session to session. Stetson & Associates provides follow-up walk-through forms which can be used by campus administrators or central office staff as a follow-up to training. Another effective way to deepen the learning from professional development sessions is targeted observations provided by Stetson staff paired with brief feedback sessions to the staff being observed.

In addition to live professional development sessions, Stetson and Associates has created a library of innovative online courses for school districts and state departments of education, is skilled in customizing course content for individual clients and enriches all live and online learning experiences with rich materials that support skill development and changed practice in the classroom for improved instruction and student outcomes.

The approval of ESSER funding affords districts an opportunity to build the foundation for programmatic planning that impacts student learning and achievement.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and plans as well as how Stetson & Associates can provide solid, proven assistance in this important endeavor!

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